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Land Lord Max: Property Management Software to manage your real estate rental properties. Voted easiest property management software!

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Laplink Software :  Helps millions of PC and Mac customers worldwide migrate, transfer, synchronize, share, and remotely access their digital data. Laplink is the global market leader in PC migration and transfer technology. In 2014, Microsoft selected our flagship software suite, PCmover, as its exclusive PC transfer solution. 

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Lazada Malaysia


Lazada is the Malaysia's best online shopping store for electronics, books, sport's goods, home appliances & stationary.

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lenovo-coupons : Find the right laptop, desktop & netbook for all your computing needs. Is a customer-focused company with extraordinary resources. They provide customers with innovative PCs and best-in-class customer service.

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Link Fool : We’re Committed to You. We know business isn’t always easy. Times have changed! Technology moves quickly and it can seem like a full time job just to keep up. To win in business you can’t just keep pace any more, you must anticipate, calculate, and dominate.

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